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Ignite Movement Studio seeks to provide space and support for wellness and creative entrepreneurs in our community. 

I’m a total yoga noob and jumped into Shakti Flow for the first time tonight...so much fun! The energy is amazing. The moves are challenging, but not difficult. It was the perfect mix of cardio, dance and yoga. I got a great sweat going. can’t wait to take another class!
— Cindi Day
Tried Shakti flow for the first time. Stepped way out of my comfort zone, but who doesn’t need to do that more. So much fun. Shawna has amazing energy and is insanely talented. Great studio. Highly recommend!
— Taylor Starkie

Shakti Flow: 

Shakti Flow is a practice inspired by Yoga, dance, functional fitness and music! Shakti Flow is an invigorating practice that blends these elements. On the surface a Shakti Flow class is full of high intensity cardio bouts, fun improv dance sets mixed with creative vinyasa flow, body weight strength training and breath work while loud motivating music infiltrates the room.

Below what we can physically see, these movements are cleansing and opening our chakras, building solid foundations while nudging us to step out of our comfort zones. In turn we re-emerge more confident, vibrant and more aligned with our divine feminine energy. Shakti means power or empowerment, which is what our practice inspires within us.  This practice will challenge you no matter what your experience in yoga or fitness, guaranteed to shake up and Awaken the inner Goddess that resides within us all.